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Washing Up


After a good day of riding in the San Francisco and around the 9 me and Eric headed back to the apartment to wash up the bikes. It was fun as hell riding around all those corners, but the one thing that got on my nerves was that the bikes weren’t clean. So we parked the bikes next to the car wash area and we filled the buckets with water for the sponges. I was using a grime spray on the bikes that sits for 2 mins then we wash it off with the hose and then we go over it with the sponges. It was great getting down and dirty, also a little wet… well very wet. I had a good spray that I got from the San Jose Yamaha Dealership, the sprae parts guys there are great, and it gets all the oils spots off of any engine part, cleans it right off. After about an hour of cleaning the bikes were sparkling and I was happy as hell! I wanted to give them enough time to dry off. We finished just as the sun was setting what a perfect day!