My Xbox 360


I have to say that I’m extremely happy with my Xbox 360. I have been using my 360 a lot over the past couple of months. Especially the 360 in my basement it has been on for the past two weeks without any issues, but it is in the best cooling environment. It’s standing up with adequate cooling, and I love how the controllers are very dependable. I have done any updates yet since I don’t want it going dead, but I want to play an Xbox game that needs the update to have it play, but sometimes there are issues. When there is no issues from an update then I will update my console, but I don’t want it to show the red-ring of death after updating the Xbox 360.

I have been playing Oblivion for a while and now Gears of War, followed by Call of Duty 3. I can not complain, I think Microsoft did a good job, but I don’t think the updates are doing a good job. But when they get it right then I will upgrade.

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  1. Mo Hat

    you know both oblivion and gears of war have updates from xbox live? and upgrade to the fall update, as it allows you to have 1080p, so it’s no problem.

  2. I am in a dilema .. should I get a PSP + Metal gear solid + Scar Face or a 360 + Call of duty 3 ?I

  3. Mo Hat

    360 + Gears of War genius

  4. Have you registered for Halo 3 Beta yet?

    And still….no love for DoAXtreme 2….hmmm, maybe I’m giving the game too much credit…but can you blame me…Kasumi is HOT!!

  5. Mo Hat: I know they have updates, but Im seeing too many going dead and I dont want to take the risk right now. Until it dies down then I will update it! And yes 360 + Gears of War is Genius! :)

    Mishref: 360 o enta mertaa7!

    Fallen Angel: Yes I did register for it! hehehehe! I think I’ve been tired of the DoA series for a while now! hehehe

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