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New Years Anyone


Im most probably chilling in Kuwait for New Years. I really dont think that Im going anywhere, and I have spent a few New Years in Kuwait and you have to pretty much provide your own source of entertainment. New Years in Kuwait is just like any other day, no real feel to a new year. And thanks to all the religious MPs that we have they banned all types of concerts in Kuwait, which is ludicrous but it is still in effect. The events done at restaurants are horrible, and I went once and I wont repeat my mistake. I have spent New Years in different parts of the US and its extremely entertaining. Things were pretty good in Kuwait until the MPs wanted to intervene, for some reason every time they intervene they usually do something dumb, but they were voted in and nothing much can be done about it.

We were previously planning to go to Lebanon for New Years but that went out the window, and I hope things settle down soon. I havent been to Lebanon in over 4 years, and I was looking forward to seeing how it has changed. And going to anywhere in the Gulf is out of the question.

So I just hope for good weather on New Years day because I will be riding. I dont care how cold it is I will be riding New Years morning!