Real Idiots


I had a meeting in Salmiya at Marina with some clients for a bit around 2:30pm on Saturday, and I had to be back at the office at 4:00pm so I left Marina after a good discussion to go back to the office and I had some time so I decided to take the seaside since its a more pleasent drive back to work, and its away from the traffic jams even though there are more lights its still moving.

I was on the Gulf Road heading towards Kuwait Towers after passing the second ring road stop light. There were a bunch of cars around, and I just wanted to get around them to move forward. So when the light turn green I moved to the left when there was a comfortable opening since I was all the way in the right lane. Then I was behind a white GMC Envoy and I was taking it easy since I was good on time.

When that car moved forward more, I noticed that there wasn’t anything blocking it in front of it so I moved forward as well but I had a comfortable space between me and him. We were moving about 80 Kph and speeding up. Then suddenly he slammed on his brakes and so I hit mine and saw the guy behind me about to say hello to my back end. I swerved left after knowing there werent any cars to my left since they were all making a left turn on to the second ring road.

I thought something must have happened for him so slam the brakes like that and I was lucky to have an opening. Then I saw two young men high fiving each other while leaning to their right on a BMW 7 series with two really pissed of girls. These girls seemed pissed as hell at these to hooligans. I literally lost it! First they screwed up traffic and almost made two cars get into an accident secondly they were harrasing girls that didnt look like they appreciated what those two idiots were doing. And they hit the brakes to see the girls.

Then they went forward and to the right to take off laughing. I was so pissed off I wanted to rip the drivers’ throat out. So I chased them down and opened my window and went off on the driver who was screaming back at me but who seemed shocked that somebody went off on him. I asked him if he is a complete idiot for driving that way and harrasing, and he said everyone else does it so I asked him if he considers himself an animal like everybody else. I was pissed off and he asked me to pull over and I told him to stop acting like a 5 year old, and I told him to come with me to the police station. And that scared him half to death, I could tell that he didnt know how to react to that but keep shouting. Then he said do you consider yourself the respectable one and I said yes at least more respectable then you. Then I told him he is trash and he isnt worth tiring myself with. And then I drove off but I noticed that we slowed traffic down to a snails pace because I was shouting at these two idiots. The other guy didnt say a word, and they just kept looking at me and took the first turn to run away.

That really pissed me off, and I know there is a lot of trash on the streets but I couldnt help but get upset this time. Since he could have made me crash into him, and he almost hit the girl. And it was clear as day that these girls didnt want to have anything to do with them, and they probably were just enjoying a lunch out.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Offf tell me about it ! I hate them 0o the annoying thing is that they think i want them to follow me, jerks !!

    dont let them get to you, theyr not worth it really !

    allah yehadeehom inshalla, naby shababna ele gabel il.ryayeel mo il.emyanan ele al7een..

  2. dude please post that in arabic :D

    the whole time i was translating it to arabic, “ya 7aywan” “ana ashraf minik”
    madry laish bas i am cracking up becuz of that,

    but seriously,
    what they did is stupid, and happens all the time
    allah yi3een the girls.

  3. zoomzoom

    lool at Yazeed.

  4. marz…its not worth mate. most of these guys are real plonkers. seriouslly they need some sorta rehabilitation/.

  5. lots of those in this country man! just last week, a yukon full of guys were harassing two girls in a car and the girls were screaming at them so i pulled beside them and told them to lay off, and they asked what is it to me? i told them that is my cousin, lay off and i pretended to call the police. They stepped on it and ran away. Good job with what u did, next time do call the cops on them

  6. 3afia 3alaik zain sawait feehum, I wish more guys did what you did so that jerks will be more afraid and girls can go out and have fun in peace! I mean flirting in a mall is bad enough but flirting while driving is literally a life-threatening experience! They try to bully you into giving them attention by driving too close!

    BUT, you have GOT TO re-write that conversation that went on in ARABIC. Im dying to know how that sounded! :) Wish I coulda seen it!

  7. Loca in Kuwait

    Grrrr I hate being behind the cars that stop to flirt, or being on the receiving end of it sucks worse. Even though I kow I am not encouraging it, I still feel embarrased when people drive by me and look pissed because they had to be hung up. You can try to call the police but when I called once the lady asked me what’s the problem! :|

  8. U are ideal Marzouq ya reit all drivers respect themselves as you do…..take care bro on the roads

  9. awww good zouk I cant believe you screamed at them but well done, its about time someone does!

    I broke my lower spine after asswipes like this chased me in the car with my friends, then smashed into the car which then flipped and me stuck inside it, while all my friends got out.

  10. In this age of digital cameras everywhere, the police should have a place we can send footage of these IDIOTS. And the police need to give them a serious talking to, maybe some volunteer work in a hospital working with accident victims.

  11. 9ij enhom ezbalaaaaaaaaaaaaaah
    you should have got their plate numbers

  12. dimplez

    ya gaameeeeed…zain etsawy…

    tara its worth translating it to arabic (natharan lil6alab elmetawasil mn elajumhour)

  13. lol
    wahagtik ya marzouq
    now u have to listen to ur readers!

    lol i bet u didnt see this coming!

  14. Eddy

    maybe u should become a traffic police guy : )

  15. Amo0ora: No Matter What they piss me the hell off! I couldnt help it! Awal 3al aqal reyaayeel!

    Yazeed: I can understand why your laughing! Your translating it! hehehe! And now thanks to you everyone wants the “real” conversation!

    moocherx: You dont have to be! hehehe! The Hulk only comes out when really needed! hehehe

    zoomzoom: Seriously!

    Cyber: I couldnt help it! I see it and it pisses me off but this time was the last straw! Lol at the video! These guys are waaaay more civilized then those two at least they didnt harass her compared to those two idiots.

    Fonzy: You did a great thing my friend! And I know what you mean about being pissed off!

    1001: Your right it is life threatening and that is why it pisses me off. And it seems I have to put the real conversation that I had! hehehe

    Loca: I know what you mean, but dont feel embarrased you did nothing wrong!

    MAZE: Man its just about respecting yourself, and that doesnt mean not enjoying yourself but you dont have to be an idiot to enjoy yourself

    ananyah: I wanted to do more but I had to go back to work!

    Intlxpatr: They need more then that like loosing their licenses! That would make a difference! There should be a chance to get them somehow, they need education and a harsh lesson.

    Laialy: It wouldn’t have done any good, I tried before. It isnt the state where it really does make a difference!

    dimplez: Everyone wants the translation! hehehe

    Eddy: I would stop all these idiots and give them ridiculous tickets!

  16. anon

    You should have pulled over and punched one in the throat and gouged the others eyeball out.

  17. anon: They really werent worth it! But I was close to doing that, I wanted to put them in the ICU!

  18. roscait

    Unfortunately you and all the rest of us normal people will have to deal with that type of people for as long as we are driving on the same roads….cause it will take a long time and lots of education for them to change the way they view women and the rules of the road,mall,beach or any public place.
    My wife will not go anywhere alone for fear of these idiots harassing her (which happens all the time).
    I’m glad I found this site cause I was starting to think that I was the only person in Kuwait suffering from suppressed road rage (which I never had before I came to this place)
    PS. putting them in ICU probably wont help cause they would just flirt with the nurses as well

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