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Two Movies

I really feel like watching a movie in the theater. I haven’t done that in a long time since most of the movies are butchered in Kuwait due to the censorship program of the religious MPs which are rediculously pointless and childish.


That aside I have really wanted to watch the Gridiron Gang with The Rock, and I really like the guy in the movies. He has this cool type of character just like in Walking Tall. I usually like sports movies especially American Football movies, and this movie came out a few days after my visit to the states came to an end. So now its in Kuwait and I dont think there is much to be cut in this movie. So I will be checking it out.


The other movie I want to see is the The Guardian since some bloggers mentioned that it isnt that cut up compared to Casino Royale. So I have two choices at this point, but I’m leaning towards the Gridiron Gang.