Customs War!!!


Freedom at last! Its been so damn long since my stuff has beens stuck in customs that I thought I was never going to get my DVDs. I cant even remember what was in my order it was a while back now. Its annoying as hell that they did this.

This started October 15th and Now its December 11th.

Items I have been waiting for:

  • Flame of Recca – 400 Year Old Truth (Vol. 4)
  • The Unit – The Complete First Season
  • Fafner – Going Home (Vol. 7)
  • Godannar, Vol. 5 – International Affairs
  • Beowulf & Grende
  • Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex, 2nd GIG, Volume 07
  • The Fast and the Furious – Tokyo Drift (Widescreen Edition)
  • Daft Punk – Interstella 5555
  • Scrubs – The Complete Fourth Season
  • Voltron – Defender of the Universe – Collection One

It took over two months for my items to be released! And there was nothing to hold it for. They make things so difficult and annoying. From what I head PWC or Agility has taken over customs, but I dont know what exactly they are doing. But they are causing problems and one of them seems to be this problem.

My Next Order is going to be soon, but Im going to order a direct shipment to Kuwait through DHL and Im going to see what happens. Its going to be books and DVDs and hopefully it will come through as others have experienced.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. I heard well it was told to my father that all Electronic orders well 50% of them will have to be passed through customs, so it’s you and your luck. Otherwise, the other 50% just pass by and there is no fee or hold up :/

  2. Daaaaaaaaaamn 2 months jesus, sheno yegroon 3laihom!

  3. chr0nik

    I had to wait a month for my dvds , so what were the customs charges for those items. Btw The Unit rocks :)

  4. about time, congrats! its been a few months, hasnt it?

  5. Ratonga Girls

    hahha now that AGILITY is out of the picture we an all get our shit out of customs!!!!!

  6. Angelo: I agree with you! Its the time issue! I need them to add 5 hours to the day so I can do some entertaining things as well as work!

    Jacqui: Only routers, and wireless products really get checked. Other electronics they only need an invoice to clear it. When I mean customs, I mean a total hold on the items like what happened to me.

    Laialy: wala madree! Bes yananoony!

    chr0nic: I dont know how much it cost, Im too annoyed with them, I just wanted the damn things! I cant wait to see the Unit!

    Fonzy: Thanks! Its been 2 months!

    Ratonga Girls: They arent out of the picture yet, they still have everything it was just the government talking BS as usual so that they make it look like they are doing something. Its just a political game.

  7. Mabrouk…but make sure u get up early to work…:P

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