Sunlight Transportation


If you have those rooms in the middle of a house or office which doesnt haven any natural lighting or window its usually constricting to some degree. For the first time this Swedish company came up with an ingenious idea of transporting the natural light through a wire called Sunwire. Paran is the Swedish company and I think that would be extremely succesful in helping to conserve energy and at the same time provide a different kind of lighting. Its fantastic, it work great in Kuwait, but I wonder how expensive it will be or how exactly it works.

Link: Gizmag

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  1. wow seems like a good idea..

    Just when you think there is nothing else to be created, they come up with this..

    Theyr full of surprises i guess :P

  2. i want big windows in my room
    so big i can see the penguins in the north pole :p

  3. ohh mate…thats a great one! I have seen a miniature version of this….its not wire or something…its a pipe that has some sorta fins and it redirects lights into the room. But this one is way superior compared to that. technology beating real life issues.

  4. hehe with the sun in kuwait in summer, u can light the entire country :)

  5. There are ways to build houses into the ground such that light can still enter from all directions with very few mirrors, but people would rather stick to the “traditional” architecture to minimize construction costs.

  6. Eddy

    lol…kuwait can afford to do anything it wants….it just doesnt do it……

  7. Amo0ora: It seems good, but its surprising that they would even think about it!

    Laialy: loooooool! Gotta have those penguins!

    Cyber: I know what you mean about the fins thing, but this is pretty damn good. Im curious as to how it works!

    Fonzy: hehehe! Thats heat not sunlight! looool!

    3baid: You can for certain size buildings, but this is also an interesting way of getting light to locations such as basements, conference rooms which

  8. My room window is so small….i guess i’ll need one…

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