Hard Start


These past couple of mornings its been hard as hell to get up. Its nice and chilly outside, and it has been pretty cloudy. I know I need some more sleep but still I feel like Im dragging myself out of bed these days just to make sure I got to work. And those hot showers arent completely waking me up in the morning these days, I still feel tired after the shower.

You know you have that feeling when its going to be a long day at work the next couple of days!

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. I sympathise with you… I hate getting up when it’s dark and cold. But I found that a radiator left on in the bathroom overnight makes it easier to handle the shower, and I don’t turn on the lights until the shower’s over… it’s too much of a shock to the system otherwise.

  2. i feel u man. this whole week has felt like long days. cant wait till its over

  3. Cute UAE

    ….and I thought I was the only one going through this phase!!!
    ….to the extent it made me skip work yesterday!!!!
    ….well I started off being really really late for work the day before….and because of this lovely weather and all….I went through the same thing yesterday….so I was too weak to not call it off and end up working from home!!!!

    Zouk-san! I can’t stop imagining playing wiiiiiiiii next to the window while it’s raining :'( :'( :””””'(
    (have to go back to work!!!)


  4. ee me toooo !!!
    madrii laish. i used to always be in uni around 10 mins before class bss now i walk in and class already started.
    why !? cuz i cant wake up in the morning, i seriously cant wake up its sooo hard !! its like i dont wanna open my eyes. i feel heavy

    allahh y3eeenik.. i wake up at 9 so i shouldnt be complaining compared to you ;p

  5. moocherx: loool! I need the lights to wake up, and radiator is always on to keep it hot! I wish I had heated floor tiles that would be nice!

    Fonzy: yeah its gonna hit soon!

    Cute UAE: I know what you mean, no matter what you do work is going to be there and its going to stay there until you finish it up or they are gonna call you!

    Amo0ora: looool! I wake up at 6am! hehehehe! I would kill for 9am! By the time Im out its already freezing! 9 am ar7am! hehehe :)

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