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Molton Brown


There was a Molton Brown craze in Kuwait a few years back, I dont know how it exactly it came about, but damn I love the smell of the Molton Brown soap. I remember the first time I tried it was on the British Airways flight and I know that helped spread the name of Molton Brown like wild fire.

The funny part is during that period they immediatly opened a store in Kuwait which closed after sometime, I wasnt aware how long it took, and I didnt know why it wasnt succesful here since lots of people really like it. I was in the states at the time and you had to order from the UK to get the product so I used to order the soap just to wash my hands with. It was clean and it smelt so damn nice. They also had a really nice aftershave cream, some people like Nivea and I like it too but the Molton Brown was a little different and felt good. I dont even know if they sell Molton Brown anywhere in Kuwait, but I will be asking someone to pick some up for me from London if they are stopping by anytime soon in London.
Link: Molton Brown