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Social Networking?


Social Networking has been an insane craze over the past 4 years, it really heated up over the past couple of years. The one that got really big because it was the first was MySpace, and it has a huge following in North America. And then other ones started coming out like hi5, Facebook, and LiveSpaces. The one that seems to be all over Kuwait is hi5 and I really have no clue why it has spread insanely.

Personally Im not much for the social networking because in Kuwait its a pretty small community, and I think blogs are a lot more useful in conveying opinions, information, entertainment, and news. I think that hi5 and MySpace aren’t as socially connecting as something like Facebook. I think Facebook is more professional regarding how people connect and they know each other, but the other two you just simply keep adding people. When I see somebody have 300+plus friends I think thats a little rediculous. I’m not even really sure how some of these social networking websites work, but I keep seeing friends who do use it. I still haven’t seen anyone use LiveSpaces, but they had a late entry into this game.

It does have some of its uses though, which connect people who haven’t seen each other in a long time. I keep hearing about long lost friends meeting up again and that in itself is a fantastic thing. For myself I dont think I would be joining any of these websites anytime soon.