Porsche 997 RUF RGT



This is one beautifully modified Porsche 997, and RUF usually does an amazing job with all its modified Porsches. This 6 speed manual is a monster and goes 0-62 mph in 4.2 seconds. I can only imagine how hard it would push you back into the seat. There isnt a price tag for this vehicle yet but assume its going to cost a pretty penny, and it also has a built-in roll cage. You can’t really ask for more from this vehicle, its a great vehicle in the first place, but RUF makes it even better.

Link: Serious Wheels

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  1. I think more people should buy cars like these… smaller cars are better for the environment ;-)

  2. Such a beautiful piece of art! Sigh I want a Porsche as my next car :p

  3. moocherx: hehehehe! Also faster then most planes! hehehe

    Jacqui: hehehe! U already have a new car!!!! hehehe

  4. SOS

    is this faster than the GT ? And y do all these porsches look the same….??.

  5. zoomzoom

    i hate porsche, they arn’t innovate

    porsche=dull cars

  6. Meh. Porsches just don’t do it for me. Actually, most cars don’t do it for me. I get the aesthetics, just… if something doesn’t grab me, make my guts clench and my pulse run, make me *yearn* then I don’t spare it much attention. I’ve yet to find a car that does terrible things to my psyche.

    I almost have that kind of relationship with a black ’67 Impala on a show called Supernatural, but I think it’s less about the model and more about it being the Metallicar. I mean this car has its own fanlisting on the web. Although this may have just a little bit to do with who drives it.

  7. Way overworked IMO. I’d hit a standard 997 over this one for sure, just slam that engine in it and its done.

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