Vista… maybe


I have a computer right now which doesn’t have a hard drive or cpu but I have the ram, motherboard and case. I would add those at later point for the testing I want to do.

I wont lie Im really curious to try out Windows Vista, I want to see how it works, what are the steps to installing it, what are the new features, and a whole list of questions and thoughts.

The one issue Im really having is choosing which package to go with, I am for sure avoiding Vista Home because they probably rigged it so that you dont have all the options to make all the tweaks you want.

With XP you have Home or Pro, and you have a clear idea of what the capabilities of each are. I avoid using Home at all costs because I know its limitations. But the problems Im facing is that I dont know what are the lacking options of each Vista package even though Im really curious to try it. I like messing with the network settings, the resources, startup configuration, device management, and a few other random things but I dont know how they will restrict it in the other Vista packages.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. the only thing i know is that it looks pretty cool

  2. Mo Hat

    there is no perfect crack, all are either will be outdated really soon, dont work at all, and the only working crack is some 1.6GB activation server, which only works with business. But it’s a really good OS, way better than XP.

  3. I am not even curious to see what Vista will do! I prefer seeing what Leopard can do :P

  4. I have a desktop PC at home that’s waiting for the Windows Vista ultimate edition!

  5. Laialy: looool! That was my initial thoughts! hehehe

    Mo Hat: I know about the server crack, but when it comes to OSs I prefer to get the original so you can get support for it!

    Jacqui: We know your an apple die hard fan!

    Stallion: hehehehe! I dont even know whats the differences between the editions, I need to find out!

    moocherx: thats really good thanks! I knew there would be issues, but how to fix it! Now thats the problem!

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