Peter Boyle – RIP


Peter Boyle is an actor that I really liked and enjoyed watching. I remembered the first movie I saw him in was Taxi Driver, but I really enjoyed his character in Everybody Loves Raymond. I would get annoyed with Raymond and I would just wait for Boyle to show up to make me laugh. I have to say that I was shocked to see him pass away. He was the type of character that I thought would always be fighting and he is the guy that just wouldn’t give up. Rest in peace Frank Barone.

Link: Entertainment Weekly
Link: Yahoo News

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  1. I cannot imagine how this terrible news affecting the “Everybody Loves Raymond” cast right now. I bet they are totally devastated especially Doris Roberts.

  2. he used to crack me up! i posted about him too.

  3. So very sad, I read this last night before going to bed, and I couldn’t even fall asleep until 5AM! But he’ll be missed, very missed :(

  4. OMG!..za33altne..I LOVED HIM TOO!..and i agree with u….i think he was the best in “everybody loves ba6ee5”!! even better than raymond..

    but “rest in peace”?! well… not sure about that! *sad smile*..

  5. Laialy: yeah..

    Angelo: The show has ended but like you I think they are all very affected by this.

    moocherx: I wasnt much for the show but I liked his character and his acting skills.

    Fonzy: yeah he was funny as hell! I didnt see your post until later!

    Jacqui: yeah its very sad really!

    Smartee: He would always put a smile on my face! He was hilarious! hehehe

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