Puma Holiday Heroes


I have to say that I love these ads! I think they are fantastic ads! Maybe its because I really like japanese culture, but I think I might get the shoes because of them.

Link: Youtube 1
Link: Youtube 2

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. funky ads, sure do make u wanna buy their shoes:)… but a few years back puma was poor quality, heard they r better now

  2. Love love love Pumas. Always have, always will. They’re inovative, interesting, and very pretty. They leave other tennis shoes in the dust. The only problem is that some of them aren’t made for actual running.

    I’m a trainers over heels gal, and you’ll rarely find me in uncomfortable shoes (other than the times I’m seduced by the pretty) so I know what I’m talking about.

  3. I like them but I feel as though the shoes are not part of the commercial at all.

  4. i need to replace my worn-out pumas and i am thinking of new pumas or adidas :/

  5. jewaira

    I wish I could do like the girl in the first ad.

    The second link is not working.

    And funny how Puma is so in now…

  6. oooh i like the ad.. 2nd one wouldnt open though

    and yes pumas are the most comfortable shoes I wear, and like SnoCone, they’re what i normally wear unless im going somewhere fancy or somethin’. hot shoes…

  7. Fonzy: yeah.. there ad makes me want to buy the shoe! They made a come back over the past 5 years.

    SnoCone: loool! Then I will trust your take on the puma shoes! hehehe

    3baid: the shoes will give you ninja powers! That is what they are saying! hehehehe

    Laialy: Pumas and you will become a ninja!

    Jewaira: I wish I could do what she does too! hehehe! I dont know why the changed the link! I will try fixing it!

    cixousianpanic: hehehe! I have some pumas, but I dont wear them that much since Im always in a dishdasha. But I want the ones from the ad!

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