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Workout 101206


This week has been one hectic week with work and family. I haven’t had much maneuvering room and my sleeping pattern has gone out of wack, but I managed to get in one day to workout even if it was just for a little bit. I just wanted to go even though I was exhausted from work, my body said one thing and my mind another.

I went straight to the elyptical machine as soon as I got to the gym, and somebody was using the one I usually use. I laughed at myself because I realized I had affiliation with that specific machine, so I just went to the one next to it, but the guy on it noticed I was eyeing it! I couldnt help but laugh and he asked if I wanted it since he is almost done. I thanked him and said Im on the same machine but appreciate the offer.

Thanks to Fonzys’ recommendation of increasing my cardio 5 mins every week I am at 30 mins a week which is something I dont think I could have done before. I really didnt think I would be able to reach 30 mins, but I think thats my max because I want to do other workouts and spending too much time on the cardio machine would kill me. But Im curious to see if I could reach an hour, maybe I can but right now it seems like a long time down the road.

That day I just felt like passing out but I came to the gym and after 30 mins of high and low speeds on the elyptical I was killing off all the energy I had left. I could lift any weights I felt completely exhausted. So I headed home and passed out happy with my accomplisment.

I have to say that I wish I could have gone to the gym at least twice this week but I dont think that was humanly possible, next I will try harder.