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Laser Etching



This new company that came up in New York City called Adafruit Laser Services which etches images on any types of gadget you have a camera, a phone, an ipod, a shuffle, an mp3 player, and a laptop.

Its just like tattoo for laptops! It will never go away and they do an amazing job. You have to make an appointment to get your gadget etched which is like a high-end tattoo parlor. So the only place to do it at this point is New York since they don’t accept any mail oder equipment. I think thats the first thing I would do if Im in New York anytime soon. It would be pretty damn cool.

Its $100 for a laptop/power book, and $30 for smaller gadgets.

Link: Engadget
Link: Cnet
Link: Adafruit Laser Services