Spending Power


There is a shortage of things to buy in Kuwait and that is why people are ordering online these days. Our customs are shamble and there is no real regulation on them, they aren’t held accountable for their bad performance. There is a lock on wifi and voip items because of the MOC.

There are a lot of people in Kuwait willing to buy original dvds, cds, and other items since they dont download. The majority of Kuwait don’t really use torrents compared to the Kuwait online community. There is a lot of spending power in Kuwait, we are willing to buy magazines and books but we are tired of the Ministry of Information treating us like 2 year olds. I prefer spending my money else wear then in Kuwait. I save my money and buy online if I want DVDs, Books, games, or CDs. And if I cant get it online I try to pick it up while Im traveling because I have no other choice. Sometimes while traveling to Dubai for business I pass by Virgin to pick up all the books, magazines, and dvds that I was looking for and thinking about since I get tired of what is offered to us in Kuwait.

Our government is not helping small business develop, and not letting the creative talent in Kuwait grow because of so many stagnant and stubborn people in the government only making things difficult for people.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. You want a good example of spending power? How about the PS3?

  2. I agree completely. The available selections are just way too small. Shopping for multimedia in Kuwait is depressing. I avoid it as much as possible because I hate that look of blank incomprehension that I see in people’s eyes when I ask them about whatever it is I want. Most of the time the sales people don’t have any idea what you’re talking about. I’ve had Virgin sales people tell me something is sold out when I know for a *fact* they’ve never had it in the first place, claim to not have something out of hand (even if I happen to have seen it moments ago), have no idea what I’m talking about (even if it’s well known or popular), and even once deny the existence of a recording artist!
    Add the equation that as a member of a niche market (sci-fi/fantasy) I find what’s available woefully inadequate. It’s not right for a counrty to have not even one store that caters to fans of the genre, especially since it’s not that small. I actually realized that every online order I’ve made is almost exclusively sci-fi/fantasy (books, dvds, graphic novels), partly because that’s my interest area, but also because I can find most other things when I put my mind to it.

  3. is VOIP not legal in Kuwait? What would the penalties be?

  4. i heard that it is hard to start a business in q8 and that 3alla ay shay ye3a6loon el wa7ed …

  5. 3baid: loool.. I just mean that its getting lost in Kuwait!

    SnoCone: that is the problem, they dont deal with speciality markets, they dont acknowledge the existence of people’s needs and our government is putting a lot of things on hold! Its driving me nuts!

    Intlxpatr: Its not legal but they can never really find out!

    Laialy: yup, it is very difficult and they make it impossible and unbearable for you! Eyananoonich!

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