Stainless Steel and Concrete Ring


I have to say that Im that type of man that isnt much for any type of jewellery what so ever, but this ring looks damn cool and its extremely original. A stainless steel and concrete ring. If ever I wanted a ring this would it! It goes for $170, and I have never worn a ring before but this one is so damn cool. This would be the ring I would wear as an engagment ring, this is as manly as it gets. Clean, simple, and sharp!

This Escape store also has some other interesting designs.

Link: Uncrate
Link: Escape Design

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  1. i think it would look nicer if it had a diomand in the middle, inside the concrete

  2. Tammam.. now that you’ve found the ring, the only thing left is to find a wife :P

    it’s a cool ring! but what if the concrete chips? =)

  3. DR: Very nice!

    Jacqui: yeah it is!

    Laialy: That would be interesting!

    MSB: looool! I dont think the concrete would chip much! hehehe! As for the wife, well only time can tell!

  4. good choice….simple and elegant!

  5. oohh your right it looks very manly..

    I like ! I like alot !

  6. I bought one at the orland square mall for $29.99 , ,its a replica made out of stainless steel.

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