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Cut And Shave

This has been one hell of a busy two weeks. I haven’t had time to relax and do nothing let alone go get a hair cut and a shave. The one luxury I do enjoy in Kuwait is getting a shave, and that is one thing I haven’t had a chance to do to yet.

My hair is between a shaved head and growing back stage where its too short to do anything with and too long to look clean. Its the look where you haven’t left your apartment in two weeks and you have only been eating Chinese to go and Cup Noodles. And I have never had a normal beard, I have those scruffy type beards which is thick in some places and not in others to it looks like patch work. It makes me laugh but I look like a bum, but I really need to go for a shave sometime this week. I love the feeling of a shaved head and it takes 5 minutes to shave my head and 15 minutes to cut my goatee, I love that clean feeling after the barber is done.