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Like A Log


I think my sleep has been catching up with me the past two weeks. On Tuesday I went to work an hour and half late since I just couldn’t get up. I woke up and looked at my watch and then I looked at my phone to count the missed calls. It wasn’t that much so I wasn’t too worried and I got up and went, but that was just one day of the week.

Then another day I came back from work and some family were in the house and I was sitting with them then 20 minutes later I passed out on the couch, and 10 minutes after that I transfered to the bed for a little nap. A two hour nap which didn’t feel like it did the job.

I think I want to go somewhere for a few days and just relax without any phone calls, I just want some movies, good food, internet, and some place to chill. Someplace I could sleep like a log and wake up only when I feel like I can move.