Monster Controller 300


This is one amazing remote it does everything that the Logitech Harmony does and it also has access to the same database so you can load your equipment into the remote from the online database. On top of that it has the Omnilink system which controllers your lighting system in the house.

You can take a look at the review on Engadget below, and you can also see the list of items which work with it. And it isn’t an expensive system to equip in your house, since you can equip it to control the lights in your house.

It isn’t cheap but not too expensive either it goes for $600. I would like to get my hands on this at a later point but first I want to figure out how exactly the lighting control system works with the normal lighting.

Link: Monster
Link: Engadget Review
Link: Amazon

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  1. This looks familiar. If Im not mistaken, I saw the same concept by this new company started by two young Kuwaiti guys in an exhibition near Corniche. I remember the guy telling us about how you can set it so that a certain light comes on along with a certain type of music that goes with that light or something like that. I99ara7a it’s amazing, totally state of the art. (Although too much dependence on technology freaks me out. The thought of my parents having some high level officials over and instead of calm music having an old heavy metal CD jamming…well it’s not a pleasant thought :D)

  2. Ok, I have to ask. What is it with men and The Remote? Why do you crave it, why do you find it so fascinating? And for heaven’s sake why won’t you let anyone else hold it? Is it a whole patriarchy thing? Is it some sort of metaphor? Why the hell are you obsessed with the remote?!

  3. daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn i want a light control that would be so awesome

  4. LOOL @ snoCone.. haha its soo true !!

    and btw, i want one too.. It reminds me of the movie Click,,
    hhmmmmmmmm interesting !

  5. 1001: loool! yeah I know those two guys! Really good people! They can outfit your whole house, this is just a simple solution really, thats why I like it!

    SnoCone: I DONT KNOW! WHYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!! hehehehe.. I just like the functionality of this one, if I dont care about whats on tv then I dont care about the remote! Its simple as that for me!

    Laialy: it does everything else too! hehehehe

    Amo0ora: yeah she is right though! hehehehe You would like it but the thing about these remotes is programming it!

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