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Passionate Tea Guy


At work we have a tea guy who goes around and takes orders and he knows everyone. Its two guys and they are pretty funny! They walk around like they own the place, and sometimes I think they do.

I come in early in the morning and he always passes by my office to ask if I want something and I only ask for water. He is really nice, and so is the other guy. And they are nice in their own way. They always walk over from the other building so I dont really complain about anything and they always bring it hot. He made me laugh the other week because he told me that I never order anything and everybody is ordering coffee, tea, turkish coffee, french coffee, or other things, and Im always ordering water water water water. He was getting pissed off that I dont ask for anything! hahahaha..

It made me laugh, both of them noticed that I dont drink anything except water and I like tea sometimes but I dont have the time to sit in front of the desk sometimes so I dont want to ask and then I have to leave. So now he comes in and asks me if I have any appointments and then he goes and gets me tea without me saying anything. I told him he doesnt need to bring anything expcet water and then he goes and brings me water and tea. I thought they were great, but now they are just fantastic! They go about it in their own way, its just funny. I thank them, but sometimes I dont think its enough because they make me laugh.