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Marraige Strategy

I have to say that this is a hot topic that I have seen debated multiple times. I’m talking about women and marriage, I know women face societal pressures to get married but some of them dedicate their lives to just getting married and set themselves up for a fall.

That isn’t the point I want to cover, the scary part is the planning that women put into marriage, and I’m talking about women with ill intent. I have heard stories of intricate ways women have conned, tricked, or manipulated men they had their eyes on to get married to. I’m not saying that men don’t have their own plans, but there plans aren’t complex at all, and there are bad men out there and they are known to a certain degree. But with women it is extremely scary because they the ability to hide their true nature, and some are bitter to the core. They get jealous of their girlfriends if they lead happy lives. I have heard true stories of women breaking up marriages just to get married to that man or how a woman plays a certain role to trick a nice guy for falling in love with her and then saying that she can’t talk to him unless he marries her. It is a bit insane, I’m not saying that all women are like that I’m just talking about the extent some women would go to get what they want and that is what scares me.

They aim for the guy they want and just wait it out, they aim for the money, the name, the social status, or all of the above and they get what they want. With guys I know that there are bad apples out there but I have never seen nor heard of man who has the capability to even plan the way these women do. And they turn their lives upside down, trying to turn the son against the mother, brother, sister, or father just to get what they want out of him. To have the man under lock and key.

There are those women who are extremely kind and just live their lives day to day, and you meet those in day to day dealings, but the other kind look the same from the outside its just that they are all messed up on the inside.

Like many have said and seen you dont see the good ones as much because they are leading their lives, enjoying themselves and being relatively happy. This bad mentality that some women have is brought upon by the pressure from their mothers and what they view as ideal goals for their daughters. When men a pressured they just brush it off and with women it isnt the case, its more difficult. And that pressure mixed with a person who isn’t nice in the first place makes for a bitter person. That is just my take on things, I could be completely wrong.