Marraige Strategy

I have to say that this is a hot topic that I have seen debated multiple times. I’m talking about women and marriage, I know women face societal pressures to get married but some of them dedicate their lives to just getting married and set themselves up for a fall.

That isn’t the point I want to cover, the scary part is the planning that women put into marriage, and I’m talking about women with ill intent. I have heard stories of intricate ways women have conned, tricked, or manipulated men they had their eyes on to get married to. I’m not saying that men don’t have their own plans, but there plans aren’t complex at all, and there are bad men out there and they are known to a certain degree. But with women it is extremely scary because they the ability to hide their true nature, and some are bitter to the core. They get jealous of their girlfriends if they lead happy lives. I have heard true stories of women breaking up marriages just to get married to that man or how a woman plays a certain role to trick a nice guy for falling in love with her and then saying that she can’t talk to him unless he marries her. It is a bit insane, I’m not saying that all women are like that I’m just talking about the extent some women would go to get what they want and that is what scares me.

They aim for the guy they want and just wait it out, they aim for the money, the name, the social status, or all of the above and they get what they want. With guys I know that there are bad apples out there but I have never seen nor heard of man who has the capability to even plan the way these women do. And they turn their lives upside down, trying to turn the son against the mother, brother, sister, or father just to get what they want out of him. To have the man under lock and key.

There are those women who are extremely kind and just live their lives day to day, and you meet those in day to day dealings, but the other kind look the same from the outside its just that they are all messed up on the inside.

Like many have said and seen you dont see the good ones as much because they are leading their lives, enjoying themselves and being relatively happy. This bad mentality that some women have is brought upon by the pressure from their mothers and what they view as ideal goals for their daughters. When men a pressured they just brush it off and with women it isnt the case, its more difficult. And that pressure mixed with a person who isn’t nice in the first place makes for a bitter person. That is just my take on things, I could be completely wrong.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. I have heard of similar stories … you want to know what I think, I think some people don’t have faith, and by faith I mean faith in God, because if someone feared Allah they wouldn’t do such horrible things.

    “enamaa el a3maal biniyaat”

  2. Laialy: you said plain and simple, faith is everything really!

  3. I’m on two minds about this. On one side, whenever an older female acquaintance tad3eli for marriage I to either make a face before I can catch myself or do the deer in the headlights thing. The whole marriage seems to me to be so *stifling*. I mean you have to be emotionally available on a daily basis! At least with my family I can choose to not interact with them if I’m in my anti-social mood. On the other, I understand that a lot of young women feel constrained by their living situations and/or are all too aware of their ticking biological clocks.

    Since many are subject to the classic Kuwaiti marriage steps, they might resent the passive role they have in the arrangement. The whole ‘husband-hunting’ thing might be their way of taking control of the situation and become the doers and not the doees. Seriously, wouldn’t anyone harbor resentment if they feel like all they could do to find a mate was sit around and wait?

    Of course that being said it doesn’t excuse some of the things that go on out there.
    The scheming and plotting seems to me incredibly ridiculous.
    Personally I don’t see myself in a relationship, way too much of a social hermit. But if I loved someone, why wouldn’t I want to be married? Why the whole limbo thing if I was sure of that person. If he doesn’t want to commit, why wouldn’t I cut off relations? What’s the point of an impermanent structure if that’s what I’m looking for? I have nothing against people in casual relationships, but I think it’s important that both people are on the same page, don’t you?

    Anyway, that’s just what I think. ;P lol, for some reason I’m all analysis girl today and you’re getting the brunt of it. (This has nothing to do with avoiding writing, really.)

  4. CyberRowdy, nobody would wanna marry his hairy black ass :P

    *yes I’m back to your ass*

  5. LMAO at Ananyah’s comment! Hehehehe And Dodo’s

    But seriously hehe I so understand your analysis and I have seen my share of these females and well I’ve heard plenty of stories about likewise situations or even worse ones.

    I feel sorry for those females and I don’t know how they can be this morally corrupt. Regardless of how your parents raise you, you can learn right from wrong at one point and understand it!

  6. Yup ur right…but there are still some good women out there..lets say 10%.

  7. i agree.. there are some insane ones out there who would go to extreme measures to secure themselves a guy…

    one of the ‘not so evil’ stories i heard once was of this girl who pulled over on the side of the road with a fake flat tire, called the guy (she got his # somehow) and pretended to be talking to her brother or something and just sounded freaked out asking him to hurry, that she has a flat & her battery is dying and she’s waiting on him. before he had a chance to get a word in edge-wise, she hung up and turned off her phone.

    lucky for her, he turned out to be a gentleman and he showed up to help her out.. the rest is history!

    that’s creative.. but the evil plots that some women go through, i’d rather end up single the rest of my life than pull a stunt just to get a guy to notice/marry me!

  8. there are some really nice, genuine, intelligent, friendly, hard-working Kuwaiti women who just can’t get married… because the guys here think they’re “too smart”! So it works both ways sometimes… The “desireable women” may want to take over your life and your money, while the “perfect woman” is ignored because she can think for herself – which is apparently unattractive.

  9. thumbs up to this post man! this family pressure does nothing but destroy their kids character and will only backfire. They will grow up with one aim only and that is to get out of the house they r living in in any way possible and then start living their lives. If they give them more freedom to make their own choices and mistakes and learn from them, then they will be able to lead normal lives.

  10. again…what a shame taking money from another person to marry….dowry system is bull shit…whether its from girl to boy or boy to girl. people are marrying because they need a partner…what do you guys think? I know its something to do with culture and religion and all…in some parts of the world, its the other way around(girls should give money to boys)…I dont want to touch the religious aspect of it as its always a controversial subject…but from the simple analysis…I think this is a bullshit system

  11. What about the women who seek marriage JUST so that they can divorce in order to break away from the grip of being with only one man and from their parents’ oppression? This is a recent phenomenon in Kuwait.

    Moocherx: There is no such thing as a perfect woman nor a perfect man. We are only perfect at certain times and failures at others, but mostly socially conditioned to be indifferent throughout the others. Maybe you do not know how to bait the men who would want to handle you because they definitely don’t roam the streets like idiots trying to ‘number’ women .Have you ever thought about taking the first step instead of being inclined to fall into the stereotype of waiting for a man to make the first move?


  12. SnoCone: I can understand the difficult you would be going through at this point. The look on the face I have seen before, its not pretty! hehehe.. the passive role is annoying as you mentioned and I can understand the frustration in that. I like how you throw things out!

    Cyber: looool! Your an IT guy like me, after analyzing everything it doesnt make any sense, but then again it isnt really meant to make sense to those who view it from the outside, and in reality it has nothing to do with the couple its about the familys and their relationships! Its insane!

    Dodo: sabur muftaa7 el faraj! :)

    Ananyah: Kiss my black ass!

    Jacqui: some of them who view the normal corrupt lives to be normal! They dont see anything wrong with it no matter what people say to them since they have been living it!

    amer: hahahahaha!

    MAZE: I would say around 40% but the others stand out more!

    MSB: yeah.. single isnt bad, but finding the right person is good too! Its about having an enjoyable and balanced life.

    moocherx: I agree with you, some men fear the smart women which is very sad but that does say something though.

    Fonzy: I agree with you.. giving them a certain responsibility and freedom makes them healthy to a certain degree!

    Tantalize: I havent heard about the divorce thing before, its a bit insane that way. moocherx is a man just in case if you dont know, he is only commenting that there are a lot of good women in Kuwait.

  13. there was this girl who liked this guy but he didnt know and so she got his number somehow (which was also similar to her brothers) and she stopped her car on the road pretended it didnt work and called the number and started screaming for him to come help and so he did and he fell in love with her..

    the thing is his number and her bros number are similar and so she pretended she was calling her brother or something and didnt give him a chance to talk and so he came to her and helped her..

    and WOMEN (some) ARE EVIL !!
    i got nothing else to say.. i could go on forever..

  14. Financy

    Cyber Rowdy … man .. u are the bullshit .. dont insult our religion .. its called ” Mahar ” .. its like a gift given to the women u want to marry .. and it has social and psychological purposes .. it will make the man appreciate the woman he`s marrying more .. and he has to take the approval of her father and guardian .. All of this so that he can feel ” he worked hard to get to her ” .. and anything hard to get in appreciated .. and anything easy to get isnt

  15. jewaira

    I can understand your fear and anxiety concerning such an issue Marzouq. And incredibly I have heard some stories where women have connived to dupe an unsuspecting man.

    But there will always be good and bad in both men and women. You can’t lose faith in everyone’s integrity.

  16. Financy, First of all, please be polite. If you read my post, I already said I dont want to touch the religious part of it. I have due respect to all religions and I have no point to insult your religion. I was talking in general and was not pinpointing at one religion. I was talking in general lay man terms. And, for the tone you wrote, I dont want to fall below the line of politeness, So I am ignoring such comments from you.

  17. AMo0ora: I heard that story before too. The scheming is insane!

    Financy: I dont think Cyber had any intent of insulting our religion he just doesnt understand and needs to see it from our perspective. You did explain it though.

    Jewaira: I agree with you 100%. Im just commenting from what I have seen and some are just unsuspecting its just difficult to tell good intent from ill intent. But I never judge across the board.

    Cyber: I think he just got worked up about it, but he tried explaining the reasoning behind it. So its pretty much different cultures with different expectations.

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