Phone Prices Kuwait


Sony Ericsson W950i

Price: 190KD


Sony Ericsson W850i

Price: 145KD


Nokia E50

Price: 80 KD


Nokia 5300

Price: 80KD


Nokia 8800 Sirocco (Special Edition)

Price: 290 KD

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  1. Ugh too late LOL! Hehe Although I was hoping for you to post up K800i prices. Not for me hehe I’m still a Nokia girl!

  2. I can’t believe prices vary so widely from one shop next to another. I bought an N73 a couple of weeks ago for 135. Next shop 145. Next shop 170!!

  3. When did nokia become cheaper than other brands??

    When I decided to change, or when they figured out their phones are all crappy buggy good for nothing metal?

  4. sony ericsson in my eyes is the only phone worth that price. I got the K800i and am in love with it

  5. chr0nik

    I believe theres a silver K800i , its a limited edition casino royale version. anyone know how much it costs?

  6. انني حقا أحبك هذا السعر الهاتف المستجدات

  7. Jacqui: loool! Sorry I didnt check the price on it!

    Laialy: yup! hehehe

    MSB: They are pretty nice!

    moocherx: yeah they do vary a lot!

    Miyafushi: it just depends which model, but usually nokia drops and is pretty cheap in kuwait!

    Fonzy: they are pretty good, I think the K800i is cool as hell!

  8. marz…dont you know that q8techdrive is dead? I am running his blog under CyberRowdy..LOL…so please update your blogroll…LOL

  9. Cyber: Updating…. updating… updating…

  10. i hate the last one, i still trying to find it and i got my name in maybe all the shops in kuwait.. show up !!

    hehe im a nokia girl, the rest dont look pretty to me..

  11. Himmu

    Where in kuwait actually spare and orignal accessories like key pads battery and handsfree for sale in resoanable price

    in major showrooms they loot the costomers must have some place to purchase orignal parts for the best price.

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