Review: Man of the Year


This was an entertaining movie for Robin Williams I really didn’t know what to expect but I did enjoy it. This movie is a combination of comedy and drama which Williams did a great job with. Another flavor to the movie that I really liked is Christopher Walken’s character, I like how he plays the tough guy and he plays those roles with a comedic air to him. The whole process of Robin Williams running for President is great, he was on a roll in this movie and he had the right people around him to make it very entertaining. The storyline was a bit off since some parts did connect fully but it didn’t make it any less entertaining in my opinion.

Link: IMDB
Rating: r3.5.bmp

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  1. i wanted to watch this movie but I never got around to doing so

  2. Loca in Kuwait

    I heart Robin Williams.

  3. Laialy: Its pretty good!

    Loca: I like him too!

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