Rough Days


When you are hoping that everything goes smoothly for the end of the year and then everything will sail from there, but something is always bound to go wrong. The last couple of weeks has been a bit rough at work, and yesterday I thought I could relax after getting when I needed from a supplier.

Then I got a call late in the day saying there was a huge mix up and the items in stock aren’t yours. I knew that this week isnt going to be easy. The problem is the domino affect this might have with the rest of the project. Things are not going to be pretty.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. allah y3eenik, a7es inik et3aany waid..

    but since you love your job, i guess its okii cuz at the end your doing something you like mo shay mat7eba..

  2. moocherx: hardware.. a lot of hardware!

    Amo0ora: I like it when things go smoothly! This is like putting your seatbelt on in the plane because things are going to get very rough! loooool!

  3. eee may5alif.. take deep breaths. Things always work themselves out. Stress will only cause you to get wind up and according to new studies increase belly fat, so unless you want belly fat .. stop stressing ;)

    look dude, don’t let it have a domino effect, just alter a few deadlines.. :)

  4. cixousianpanic: it will workout some how, Im just a bit agitated! The thing is those deadlines cant be delayed! Thats the problem with the domino effect on this project! Its going to be tough! hehehe

  5. sorry to hear that :/

    it all works out in the end … somehow

  6. i hear u man! when u want things to go smoothly, all the problems just pop out. And when ur bored with nothing to do, nothing happens. Everything happens the opposite way u want them to

  7. Laialy: yeah Im working on it! lol

    Fonzy: exactly! Its always like that! Its always bad timing!

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