49ers Not Bad


I have to say that I’m happy as hell for the 49ers! They have turned things around from last time and are doing a better job then when they started off.

They are number 2 in the NFC West, and they are currently at 6 -8 which is what I was asking for which was 6 to 8 wins and they got it at last and I really think the team has matured and have an idea where they want to go at this point. There has been a few set backs, injuries, and changes in their strategy but I think they have found their way at this point. There are two more games left but I’m happy with the current results. I’m just hoping for an even better season next year since they got some yards under their belt.

6W – 8L

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  1. i’ve been waiting for this post!! =)

    i’m glad the 49ers are ending things a lot better than how rhey started them! i’m also really impressed with the Bears!!

    that said, i still want the AFC to win the Bowl !! :/

  2. MSB: i agree with you the Bears had a rough start and they go better! And yeah Im happy as hell about the niners. I knew you would be the first to jump to this post! hehehe

  3. American Football is one of the few spectator sports I like, but I haven’t gotten much opportunity to watch it. I thought about getting something more than the regular ‘basic’ satellite thing, but it just doesn’t seem worth it now that I never watch tv anymore. With torrents and dvds far ahead of anything Showtime or Orbit can offer, what’s the point? It would be nice to catch a few football games though.

    I actually prefer college football to the pros. It’s a little purer you know? Plus I just really like the Longhorns.

  4. The Niners are an awesome team, they just need another Joe Montana:P 6-8 aint all that bad I guess. The team that really surprised me was the Chicago Bears.. 12-2!! Also Oakland Raiders with their immensely shitty 2-12..ouch!

    Personally, I’m a fan of the New England Patriots in the NFL and the Boston College Eagles in the NCAA. The pats are doing pretty good, lovely 40-7 victory against the Houston Texans last night..

    Whoops… Pats rant :P anyways, if the niners play their cards right, they have a fair chance of making it to the super bowl..maybe…just maybe. Would be interesting to see them back in the bowl.


  5. SnoCone: Same here, the NFL caught my attention the action and heart which they put into every game! You can catch football games every sunday night on Orbit Sports! They play 4 games and all the major games! ITs great! Thats how Im watching while in Kuwait! I agree with you about the college football, but its all offense and very little defense the NFL games have more tactics involved in it! hehehe! Im a Bruins fan myself! hehehe

    FUZZ: I hate the PATS! just so you know! hehehehe! The Bears were a shocker, but I knew the Raiders were gonna suck from day one! No question about that! I dont think the 49ers can do any good in the superbowl at this stage! I think they should play hard, but they are setup well for the draft and have a good chance for next year really!

  6. loooool, plenty of people hate the pats, sigh,their all jealous! hahaha
    i say pats make it to the superbowl this year, Brady’s our “Montana”!


    PS: a pats vs niners superbowl would be very very interesting….

  7. Ok, let’s leave my Montana out of this please!! =)

    and i agree, i wouldn’t want to watch the Niners in the Bowl this year. they’re not ready and the game would suck! (just got a flashback of the Bills making it to the Bowl 4 times in a row, and losing 4 times in a row! i rooted for them though!)

  8. FUZZ: Screw the Pats! Brady is good but NO WAY A MONTANA! So please dont even compare the Legend to those beneath him! hehehe! I call most Pats fans Bandwagon fans! I have been a niner fan throughout the years and especially their rough years! Notice anyone who is a 49ers fan is a 49ers fan for life!

    MSB: Exactly! I want them to get some experience under their belt and get their confidence up and bulding their team. Like I said I want to see the next draft because they havea chance to pick up some good players!

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