If you have a chance then go! The Freej team and the creator will be in Kuwait arriving on Monday today, and there is an event at Villa Moda at 3pm and I think its a fantastic idea. I just want to pick up the CD. So FYI people, you should go! If you dont know … now you know.

the FREEJ team is flying to kuwait next Monday, the 18th of December as we were invited by his highness Sheikh Majed Alsubah;owner of the famous VILLA MODA franchise to open the sale season of his flagship store. the event will take place on tuesday after 3 pm and we will be handing out lots of freebies including exclusivly made new bags and notebooks as well as (hold your breath lol) 300 limited edition copies of the never before released FREEJ soundtrack which includes 3 new REMIXES of the FREEJ tune. one made in london, one in Japan and one in Dubai. a total of 8 tracks will be in the CD and it will be a free gift with every purchase of any VILLA MODA sale item.

Link: Lammtown

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  1. Cute UAE

    I get the honour to be the first to comment!!!
    :D :D :D :D :D

  2. Cute UAE


  3. Cute UAE: looooooool! Its going to be interesting! I will try taking pictures if people dont think its weird! hehehe!

  4. Cute UAE

    Insh’ALLAH both you and FREEJ’s Team enjoy your time :D

    Thanks marZouk-san for announcing it!…Hope the word gets around Kuwait ;)

  5. Purgatory

    Its not free! would a coke from the restaurant be considered as a purchase?

  6. Purgatory

    Coke as in the drink, just so that people do not get other ideas.

  7. Zouk get me freebies! I want a notebook hehehehe

  8. Cute UAE: word is getting around! I got a couple of text msgs now!

    MSB: Short flight! hehehe

    MAZE: If I can! Im not promising anyone anything! It all depends on work!

    Purg: I will get something just to ge the CD! loool! And yes they will sell you a gram of coke there! hehehe

    Ananyah: maybe.. we will see! hehehe

    Laialy: ee wala!

    DiiGMaa: you got mail! hehehe

  9. Cute UAE

    Marzouq-san!!! YOU MUST GO!!! For me at least and for the rest of the fans who can’t be there!!!!!
    Salim 3alehum…FREEJ’s gang is a friendly bunch :)
    And take pics and clicks!!! ;)

    Have FUN ALL!!!!!

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