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Room Temp


There is a funny thing about my room is because I have multiple pcs, hardware, and other electronics running in my room even when Im asleep! They have to be productive, I really can’t shut them down because I feel like I’m not taking advantage of my internet solution and I need to make sure Im downloading, burning dvds overnight, or something at least. And so my room is always a few degrees hotter during the day or night.

Even with this cold I switch on the A/C for a bit or open my window for bit to get my room ice cold before going to sleep. The last couple of nights I haven’t had to do either because its been so cold outside. My room with normal temperature outside has been 73F and I like it to be 70 and below. With the weather the way it is these days my room has been 70F and I like that. Except in the morning when I had to go to work early it was 7C outside and it was freezing. I like it cold really, and hopefully it wont be raining too much. But like others have mentioned with the cold its making hard to get up in the morning.