My Delivery is getting closer! I ordered some gear about a week ago and it is currently somewhere in the gulf region between UAE and Kuwait. Im not really sure since I dont trust the updates but Im hoping I get it by tomorrow. Im also getting a DVD shipment that I forgot about in the previous items that I was supposed to get.

  • Scoprion Rivet
  • Alpinestar Bionic Knee Protector
  • 2 Dark Tint Visors
  • Voltron Volume 2

I hope to get it by thursday at least! I want to try to the bionic knee protector!

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  1. I got an sms telling me that my Stargate SG-1 Seasons 7 & 8 have gotten here and were on their way to me 2 days ago, but nada. Yesterday I got an sms apologizing for the delay as they’re backed up because of the holiday traffic. Still waiting.

  2. Awww the excitement before recieving a shipment now that’s fun!

  3. SnoCone: Inshalla you get SG soon! What a damn good show! I enjoyed it back in the day!

    Jacqui: hehehe! Its like Christmas everytime!

  4. My Air-Intake is still in NY .. its been there for 3 days!

  5. K: It has been stuck in Dubai for a couple of days now and Im stuck wondering!

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