Freej in Kuwait Today


Where: Villa Moda

When: 5pm onwards

What: You can see the freej team and you can also pick up some CDs and other items in Limited quantity if you make it to the sale.

Thats all I know at this point, I will be passing by today earlier to check things out. Going to be interesting since I know Villa Moda sent out text Msgs to people.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Yeah that’s cool… Unfortunately I am not sure if I’ll make it out there.

  2. Cute U.A.E.

    so did you go?
    did you go?
    did you go?

  3. Jacqui: You should have!

    Extinct Dodo: yeah I did from work! hehehe

    Cute UAE: Yup I went! Real cool people! I didnt have a chance to buy anything but I will buy the CD if its going to be on sale at a later point! Must be nice to work with good people!

    Ananyah: sorry I didnt get a chance to get anything, since I went in for 10mins in between meetings! I snuck off! hehehe

  4. Hiii There ;Pp
    sj freej kanaw there Twni agra ur post Chan r7t 3ad i really like them !! My first post was about freej ;”””(
    Please tell us if they will come again ;) Thank You :>

  5. Yuopye: yup kanaw bil ikwait! Khoush naas! I was talking to them for a bit! I will post earlier if they are coming to Kuwait again!

  6. Cute U.A.E.

    and sum1 posted the pics before u!!! :P


  7. Cute UAE: I came from work in between meetings! I didn’t have a camera on me, but like you could see there was a lot of people, but I was happy about the turn out! O inshalla freej comes to Kuwait again, and they start selling the music CD! Cuz I didn’t get a chance to get one! I would buy it!

  8. Cute U.A.E.

    ….and I was only teasing!!!!

    Wallah mashkooooooooor 3ala elziyarah! It was soooo thoughtful of u to stop by and support :)
    Your efforts are very much appreciated!
    Keep tuned on to and his blog on wu inshALLAH batisma3 akhbar 3an el-CD and DVD too :D

  9. Cute UAE: Yala inshalla there will be more and more tours! I need to get my hands on the CD! I want to listen to the music! So what are your new years plan? Anything exciting? hehehe

  10. Cute UAE

    I saw Eragon yesterday!!!
    I’ve always wanted a new puppy….I’ve had a beautiful smart belgian sheperd…but I came out of the movie wanting a DRAGON as a pet!!! That’s my new year’s resolution!!!! ..and I’m serious!!!hehehe!!!

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