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Meetings Meetings Meetings..

Juggling all the meetings plus emails plus conference calls plus reports is one hell of a funny thing. People asking questions shouting answers across the open area and then just running around tracking people down.

The thing that drives me nuts is people who leave their office to do someting and not taking their cellphone with them its hard has hell to track them down when you need them for that one thing. You really do go nuts trying to find out information, and the worst thing possible is being given the wrong information! Its as if your left to walk the plank.

Yesterday I went a bit to Villa Moda for the Freej visit but I could only stay at most 10 mins, and I enjoyed myself but I had to come back to work where I stayed to 5:30pm it was a damn long day. And the funny part is the Free Zone is three minutes away from me so Villa Moda wasn’t out of the way. One more week and then we get a week off, I think. I dont know how many days everyone is getting off but I know one thing I will be doing. Watching a good amount of tv and riding as much as humanly possible.