Review: Tenjou Tenge


Plot Summary: Souchirou Nagi and Bob Makihara are two delinquents who arrive at Toudou Academy with the objective of ruling over the school with their strength. But on their first day, they encountered the Jyuukenbu, a martial arts group of the school. Members of the group, Maya Natsume, her sister Aya, and Masataka Takayanagi easily overpowered Souchirou and Bob. And what’s more, due to what was assumed to be their “connections” with the Jyuukenbu, the two were attacked by members of the Enforcement Group, which oversees the martial arts groups of the school. Drawn into the personal conflicts between the Jyuukenbu and the Enforcement Group, Souchirou and Bob have no choice but to join up with Maya Natsume’s group and to hone their skills to become even stronger.

This is an extremely entertaining anime if your looking for the combat style anime. This will satisfy your tastes since Souchirou just goes in head first to fighting thinking he is the bad ass of the town until he realizes otherwise. Souchirou has to fight the main guy from the enforcement group and Aya turns out to have “other” fighting characteristics which just makes things really interesting. Overall the combat is really good and story behind the characters and trying to unravel the past relationships makes for one interesting anime, and the quality of the anime is superb.

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  1. This is an amazing anime, although 24 episodes long but when you get to the end you feel as if you need more and you didn’t have enough. The good thing about this anime is that they manage to capture the viewers attention and throw them into two stories moving forward at the same pace. It was hugely entertaining and the fight scenes were very nice.


    The one thing that sucked though is that the anime stops at a critical point, which the OVA’s don’t finish off .. and if you don’t have access to the manga your going to be left extremely teased and pissed off .. but i recommend everyone to watch this anime.

  2. Fractal: Your right about needing more! So much was built up yet you didnt get the whole thing! And I agree about the OVA! I dont know why they stopped and I haven’t read the manga because I keep hearing they will do more!

  3. I read on many sources that they are only doing the Mangas … the production company dropped the project for the second anime
    i have been trying to get some torrents of the Manga before i give in and order it online .. i will link u if i get it

  4. Fractal: Damn, that is sad if they just dropped it. Well only time will tell what they will do.

  5. tazz

    maz man, everything aside, the curves, the curves!! its what kept me going until the end! if i hear ‘souchiru-chan’ one more time, i’d go berzerk!

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