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Chill Night


I came back from work, it wasn’t a bad day but you sometimes want things to go your way and they just dont. I dont dwell over things like that since I leave it at work and deal with it the next day. I was looking forward to chilling with the guys eating some food and watching some movies. I just had to go to Hawalli after work to pick up some movies.

After chilling with the family for a bit after work I headed to Hawalli to pick some movies and from there I came back home. It only took me about 40 minutes in total to get the movies and get home since I caught all the lights and there was some traffic but it was flowing. I caught the right openings in the direction I was going.

After sitting with the family again I went to the basement to play some Gears of War before the guys start coming over and I have to say that you reallllyyy get into it! When the guys started came in we decided on Jackass two as the first movie and I have to say that we were laughing so hard. If you like the Jackass movie then you will love Jackass two! I watch a variety of movies, and this one is just utterly rediculous, disgusting, painfully, and gut wrenchingly funny. You just watch it once and thats it, and there were times people were thinking they weren’t going to eat after watching it but they did. Then we watched another movie and it was a good chill night. I like nights like these simple and fun.

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