My plan today is simple! Its 9:12am right now!

My To Do List:

  • Ride
  • Ride
  • Ride
  • Ride!!!

Since the family will be having lunch at our house later the afternoon thats when I will be coming back, but I got a good 5 hours to go riding, and Im going to be riding. I’ve slept a total of 7.5 hours and that will do for one day! I just want to go riding!

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. jewaira

    And it is a beautiful day to ride! Have a safe and happy time :)

  2. I think early morning is a good time to ride your motorcycle :)

    Do you have a favorite place that you like to cruise around or do you just let your “spirit tells you where to go”?

  3. Jafar

    Lucky you ! By the time I woke-up it is time for luch ! Keep worm,safe & enjoy the ride. I will take my dose later this afternoon.

  4. Jewaira: Thank you! It was a beautiful day! So nice and sunny! I couldn’t get enough!

    Angelo: Yup it was fantastic time! Its more like what Im feeling for the day, but usually always pass by the seaside to get a comfortable wide road and a nice breeze!

    Jafar: I had to get up! I wanted to ride! It has been a while since I rode like that!

  5. I saw so many nice bikes today at Marina…

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