Late Night Bite


Since tangerines have been in season I dont eat much dinner since I really look forward to a couple of tangerines. Its the best possible setting before going to sleep.

A couple of tangerines and some anime before going into deep sleep. I think this is helping since I dont feel heavey at night but I dont feel hungry when going to sleep, and the tangerines taste so damn good.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Purgatory

    Those microwaves from your phone will affect your fruits!

  2. Purg: Very true, but it still tasted damn good!

  3. Pearls: Im impressed with mine, its all banged up and surviving!

  4. I like tangerines yummyyy…..and don’t listen to PURG he always like to spread his curse….

  5. MAZE: I know of some people who dont like tangerines… I love em! hehehe

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