USB Laser Guided Missle Launcher


This is what is in the description of the main product!!

The USB Laser Guided Missile Launcher will empower you to unleash something akin to total office annihilation.

For $55 you can have the office annihialator. I think this is probably the best office gift you can give! Seriously I want this and I want to try it! You can control the launching mechanism with your PC and aim with the built-in laser pointer. I think this can cause major Havoc! I like that! I think every office should have at least one.

Link: UnCrate

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  1. Delal

    oooh i want to have it so bad ;p i even asked my boss if it’s ok to buy it, and she offered to pay for it :>

    but the problem is .. how far can it reach?

  2. can we add a stink bomb to it for greater effect?

  3. Stallion: I bet customs will let it through! They would think its a toy! hehehe!

    Delal: loooool! I dont know! I think Im going to get it and use it at work! Im assuming at least 3 meters or else its useless! hehehehe

    MSB: loooool! Why would you want that! It would come your way if the wind is going in the other direction! hehehe

  4. ROFL! When I read the title I thought I was going to look at some katyusha launcher. :P

  5. Oh, and gotta love that APPLE MAC computer in the back. :P

  6. dont worry.. i’d check the wind direction.. besides, if u aim it at a closed area, the stink will remain there.. and if it spreads, then they’ll have to let us out..

    memories of school! one of the tall guys broke a stink bomb on top of a teacher’s wig.. she kept wonderng why the stench would follow her all day.. she came to school w/a different wig the next day :/

  7. MacaholiQ8: hehehe! yeah all the creative places have apples! hehehe!

    MSB: loooooooooooooooooooool! The wig hehehe! Seriously people in highschool in the middle east are crazy! Its hilarious! hehehe

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