Bimota Tesi 3D


Bimota has done it again, but they have reengineered the way motorcycles work at this point. Extraordinary work has been put into this motorcycle since it is a center-hub steered motorcycle. I’m extremly intrigued by this motorcycle since it has the new Ducati engine, thats what the D in 3D stands for, and it is very light. Only 29 of these motorcycles will be made and they are going for $38’000. I was expecting a lot more expensive, but they priced it based on the workmanship. Bimota keeps coming up with more and more beautiful motorcycles.







Link: Gizmag

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  1. Cute UAE

    This is a beauty on the road!!!!
    …before reading your review I knew she’s a light “queen bee”!!!
    …wallah! Shakil eldarrajeh mithl elna7leh!! From all views!!
    What ads to its beauty is the red! Red in bikes are much more alluring than when its on cars!

  2. Cute UAE

    …and a Ducati engine?! WOW!

  3. i understand TriStar in Dubai have one on display.

  4. Cute UAE: Your right about its looks! Its amazing light thing that needs to be ridden! hehehe! And yes the new Ducati Engine! So they came out with it in the right time! hehehe!

    Mark: I think they might have the DBS! I dont know if they have this one! They might be damn quick then! I wish I could get this bike, but it would break the bank!

  5. I don’t know. Looks like something out of an anime. I like them more… real, sleek, gritty. I like them real looking, this one looks… plastic. Like a pretty model who obviously has had a lot of work done. Some people like that thing, but most people don’t go in look for a serious relationship.

  6. Jafar

    You are right the one in TriStar Dubai is 2006 DB5,but why wait longer ?ask TriStar Kuwait to get you one,,,or any other Bimota.
    Would you like to try my DB4 ?They are really jeules to keep. Going out of the way and the ordinary is what caused Bimota to close down for some years,,,they are back again with more Artwork.
    By the way the Ta in Bi Mo Ta stands for Tamborini the father of the legendary Ducati 916

  7. Cute UAE

    I saw one in Dubai yesterday!!!! Mashallah!!!
    I hate to look….but I stared when it past by the road!!! I was like “…this is the one!!!” ….then I’m like “naaaaaaaah!!! probably not so fast!!” …but I guess they are in El-Emarat already :)

  8. SnoCone: This is one serious machine! Its just different then usual! You have to see it to appreciate it! When you see it you would have to fall in love with it! hehehe

    Jafar: The problem with getting a Bimota is the price! In due time inshalla, but it is a fantastic motorcycle! Your right about the history and the name, their new work is bringing Bimota back!

    Cute UAE: Your kidding me! Damn! I wish I could just see one! Wat a beautiful sight!

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