AM Call


I totally forgot about this until later on in the day! I got a phone call at 4:24am and I usually sleep through phone calls without a second thought, but this was a special ring tone that only two of my friends have. And both are living the states. So I knew something was up but I wasn’t sure what! So this special ring tone is the Jack Bauer’s ring tone who I only assign to those who are bigger fans of 24 and Jack Bauer then me.

And I remember that I was dreaming about the Skipper and his team doing crazy stuff in and around town. I dont know why I remember that, but that is what I was dreaming about and I was entertained really. That aside I woke a little bit and saw the phone and knew I had to answer! It was my Egyptian American friend who was visiting Egypt and he was plastered out of his mind. Laughing and telling how he is happy I picked up and lots of other rediculous statements. Then he said hold on, at this point I didn’t get a word in. Then he puts a conference call and it was my other friend in San Diego who for some reason at 3pm in the afternoon seems to be plastered as well at the beach, maybe because it was a Sunday and he was at the beach from what I could make out. So they were laughing that we are all in different time zones and they were happy as hell that I picked up. They were talking to me about football and other things, it was honestly hilarious! I was half dead but I was still talking to them. I love those idiots, but I completely forgot that they called until later on in the day! It made me smile that those guys are having fun on their vacation! It was just funny as hell! But I think my brain is going on the Fritz because of lack of sleep! I will catch up with sleep soon, very very soon!

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. jewaira

    What happy moments :)

  2. happy feet.. always nice when friends call and bring back a rush of memories from the past.

    on a different note, one more week left in the season.. playoffs starting soon! =))

  3. omg!
    wanasa wanasa wanasa
    im not the only one then!! ;)

    coz it happens to me lots, when im aleep and a phone call wakes me up i dream half of it ,.. like i wakeup and i think im talking, then i dream about me talking over the phone, and things happen in the dream ,, l then i wakeup and im still on the phone ,,
    so its kinda all smudged ,,, reality and dreaming ,,
    and its such an interesting thing coz when u wakeup u forget about it but then only parts of it come back …

    anyways … im glad ur friends are having fun :)

  4. good to be in touch with friends who u haven’t talk to for a while…..

  5. No3ik: yeah Im happy about my friends doing well too! Its just great when they are like that! Your right sometimes things get smudged together when I’m asleep and someone wakes me up!

    MAZE: Yup! I talk to them every once in a while! Its cool finding out whats happening!

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