Onkyo TX-NR5000E


This is an extremly full featured A/V reciever with HDMI and every possible feature is included in this A/V reciever and one of the important parts that I’m taking a look at is that it upscales all feeds to 1080p out if the Television accepts it. The list of features can be seen at the Onkyo link below. The one thing that surprises me about it is the cost of the machine in Kuwait is cheaper then online.

Alghanim Electronics
: 1500 KD (without installation)

ETC (Online Info)
: 1200 KD (with installation)

Online Prices:
2000 – 2500 KD (no installation)

I really like dealing with ETC because of the superb service and there pricing is very reasonable.

Link: Onkyo

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  1. This is seriously becoming one of my favorite blogs.

  2. lfc-q8

    Z for me i would go with the denon 2807 or the yamaha rx-v2700 for 1/3 the price and same quality

  3. jewaira

    Interesting price difference too.

  4. DiiGMaa: lol! Sorry!

    fadibou: Well I hope you find something useful!

    lfc-q8: That is a good reciever, but no way close to the level of te one above, there are a lot of difference in features especially in the upscaling and multisystem. The Onkyo would be the one to get period. The Denon 2807 is great, but the Onkyo packs a lot more punch! Your right about the price though!

    Jewaira: Yeah the price difference is very strange!

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