Donald J. Pliner


I’m not really the type of person to shop around much for shoes. I just find which is really comfortable and something that I can use on a daily basis. I found the Donald Pliner shoes about five years ago in Nieman Marcus in San Francisco by mistake. I wasn’t really looking for shoes, but there was one which looked extremely comfortable. So after putting it on I realized how heavenly it feels walking in it all day long. I was amazed how comfortable it is, but I thought it would wear out after a couple of months of usage, but I was completely wrong. I wouldnt wear anything else except sneakers if Im going to do something the involves sports.

After finding out more about the make of the shoes I realized they had other nice shoes, and they also have a selection of over the top shoes which I wouldn’t buy if my life depended on it. But I’m assuming some people would like it. They cater to both men and women, but I have extremely happy with shoes that I have bought from them. Seriously no problems what so ever, and I still have my shoes from 5 years ago and it only looks a couple of weeks old. You know when you bought a quality item, and I got my return on investment. And I met the designer himself in the LA store once, and he is an extremely interesting character and who loves dogs. He has a line for his dogs as well, its just fantastic. You do meet interesting people. I never thought he would be in his own store, but he was and a very nice guy at that.


Link: Donald J Pliner

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  1. lfc-Q8

    looks comfy… do they have them in kuwait?

  2. Walla walla u’ve shifted to fashion these days….:P

  3. The word San Francisco cought my attention, for I have always loved that city and a part of me forever belongs there, I have so many memories there and had shared so many good times and I miss it, all of it ..

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