HipHop & RnB Music Videos Dec 06

These are the music videos that I have been watching and listening to while doing a few things.

I enjoy these songs below for different reasons! (Click the link to open to the Video)

  • I always enjoyed the pretty ricky’s songs
  • Pharell feat Snoop Dogg & Charlie Wilson – That Girl
    • I always like the combination of these guys
  • Johnta Austin – Turn it up
  • Akon ft Snoop Dogg – I Wanna Fuck You
    • I love how the women dance in this song
  • Lloyd Banks
    • I would like to switch places with Banks for the 4 mins in that video, maybe just sit in the chair!
  • Eminem ft 50 Cent, Lloyd Banks, Cashis
    • If ever I once going to get into a fight this would be the song to be playing in my head or in the background! This song gets my bloody pumping, especially at the gym, I push harder when this song is playing on the MP3 player! Its fantastic!

    A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


    1. I like Pharell,Eminem,and 50 cents….but my queen tops them all!

    2. I LOVE Snoop! He makes any song good!

    3. YaY! It worked :D ur right i had to disable Norton

    4. Niceeeeeeeeee choices! I am liking Pretty Ricky’s Song it’s hot!

      And I just can’t stop lovin Pharell or even Snoop Dogg I mean they are my boys! But yeah great choices!

    5. MAZE: There is song is good! And you enjoy your queen!

      EniGma: Same here I love the Snoop Song! And yeah its the firewall that gets in your way!!

      Jacqui: There songs are pretty good, I can’t get the beat out of my head sometimes! I love em!

    6. i can’t get enough of this song: Johnta Austin – Turn it up

    7. A`aNx

      COOL songs! keep it up! =)

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