Funny Day


The other day I was running around so much that I kept forgeting little things. Basically what ever wasn’t work related I ejected from my mind for the morning since I was running around like crazy. From meeting to meeting and getting things done. It was insane, but then I felt the Landcruiser just sort of drop, and I looked down realizing that it was empty since the morning.

I switched to the other tank and it was empty, but it seemed to be able to move. I was running out of gas and I had to figure out where the hell to go.  I was in Shuweikh but the closest one I know of was pretty far off and I needed to make a few stops which I didnt want to do, I wanted to keep the momentum going. I called my cousin he knew the ins and outs of the back area in Shuweikh and he pointed me in that direction. I went there and filled up two gas tanks, and took off flying around again. I was happy I could switch between the two tanks again and again to squeeze out what little gas it had left!

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Cute UAE

    wu gat saleeeeeeeeeeeeeeemah!!!!
    (3ala golat ikhwana elmi9riyeeeeeeen!!!)

    …that reminded me of a typical darajjah struggle….especially when the exams are over…..and we all ruuuuuuunnn to elbar for eldarrajjaaaaaaat to go on el-dunes as a group…..but everyone is overly excited that someone ends up forgetting to fill the tank!! U can imagine the rest >

  2. Don’t you just LOVE landcruisers? That happened to me quite a few times. Once both tanks went totally dry though, lol. it sucked cuz we wuz being followed (kinna 3 girls). I turned it off for a couple of minutesn then restarted it and viola! barely made it to the gas station!

  3. wow
    u have two tanks :)
    thats a good thought … i keep driving on reserve fuel
    i wait to reach the last line … lol i dont know why i do this
    i know its bad for the car and the engine i guess someone once told me if i keep doing this the engine could crack or explode lol i forgot .
    anyways cool wallah bs dont do it again .
    its not like u!

  4. Cute UAE: looool! Thats really pretty funny, I know what you mean so I’m just laughing when it was almost up.. I was like it screw it, if it stopped Im in the middle of civilization so its ok! hehehe

    EniGma: Never be afraid when your being followed and your in a land cruiser! Your a tank! My Landcruiser has a few battle scars but its nothing!!! Hamdilla it made it to the gas station though!

    MAZE: u go to where the meetings are! hehehe

    no3ik: hehehe.. yeah I’m usually on top of it, but its because of work, but nothing will make your engine explode, but its just that it takes the dirt at the bottom of the tank, thats the bad part! hehehe

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