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Funny Day


The other day I was running around so much that I kept forgeting little things. Basically what ever wasn’t work related I ejected from my mind for the morning since I was running around like crazy. From meeting to meeting and getting things done. It was insane, but then I felt the Landcruiser just sort of drop, and I looked down realizing that it was empty since the morning.

I switched to the other tank and it was empty, but it seemed to be able to move. I was running out of gas and I had to figure out where the hell to go.  I was in Shuweikh but the closest one I know of was pretty far off and I needed to make a few stops which I didnt want to do, I wanted to keep the momentum going. I called my cousin he knew the ins and outs of the back area in Shuweikh and he pointed me in that direction. I went there and filled up two gas tanks, and took off flying around again. I was happy I could switch between the two tanks again and again to squeeze out what little gas it had left!