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Sandy Day


What a day, we seriously experience four seasons in one day in Kuwait. Its cold, then a little warm, then it rains, then its sunny, and then suddenly sand storms. The one thing that i have found that make sand storms useful is cooling down the heat and thats about it. I was going in and out of the building at work for papers, phone calls, or other stuff an dI keep getting sand in my eyes or dirt flys across as if its slapping me across the face. It just didn’t help with today, and at that point I decided to go home and relax. There was nothing I really wanted to do at that point outside the house, Im hoping that the weather is going to be better tomorrow since Im planning to ride for a little bit, but I’m not sure.

I’m happy with what I’m doing for today, I went home and even before getting a bite to eat I took a 45 minute nap which helped quite a bit and I was still feeling tired. I also opened up the box to find my gear which was like my own christmas presents to myself. This is going to be some good relaxation this coming weekend.