Stoppin.. for a bit


Since this is a start to a long weekend I can do a few things to relax. A lot of my friends have taken off for vacation here or there, but there are bunch of us who are going to the shalaih to chill over the new years and eid period. Its thursday and Im going to relax at home, I’m going to head out on Friday and stay there I think the whole relaxing period.

Things I want to do tonight since I have some time:

  • Mix 3 New CDs for use the next couple of weeks
  • Download more music
  • Play Gears of War
  • Watch a Movie
  • Clean up a few papers here and there
  • Clean up my gear to get ready to ride tomorrow
  • Make a list of things that I need to get for a camping trip coming up in the next couple of weeks

Thats just some of the things thats popping into my head now, but I know I want to accomplish more things and I want to relax since I got some time off work and nothing bothering me too much from that end.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. I bought Gears of War last month along with Call of Duty 3 and Need for Speed Carbon. 2 Days later my Xbox 360 Goes bust and can’t be fixed except in the US which means pretty much its obsolete. I order a new Xbox and 2 days later I break my hand which is in cast for 2 to 3 months.
    Now all I do night and day is dream of playing any of those 3 games and you are widening my wounds with talking about playing GOW every now and then :(
    PS: add my gamertag “fadibou”

  2. oohh i love time off !!

    just relax and hav fun, forget about eveything..
    hope ya hav fun !

  3. fabidou: salaaamat! Mat shoof shar! Damn man thats really a string of bad luck! I will add your gamertag when I get online soon! I have been too lazy to get online! I know I should, there are lots of good things to use it for but I’m honestly too lazy!

    Amo0ora: same here! I need the time off! And I hope you enjoy your time off too!

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