Nephew Update V2.71


I have been busy for a few weeks but recently seeing him its been fantastic! He had his 1 year birthday last month and he was just happy about all the chaos going on around him.

He can now walk on two feet! Its funny that he is slowly getting his balance but he zips and zooms around in a funny way. At this point he enjoys seeing me and he is curious as to what goes on in my room or if I’m walking around he looks. Whats funny is that he keeps bye bye bye bye, and he has certain hand signals which are hilarious when he wants to point at something or when I hide something.

My plan is to get him addicted to anime from the early stages, so he can sit down and watch them with his uncle. And Barney is a purple demon who has control over children.

He keeps bumping into a few items, and he has hit himself a few times and I have felt bad about it, but he is a boy and he has to have his bruises, and I think he is learning not to do a few things because of that. I tend to hover over him so that he doesn’t do something to really hurt himself, but I let him do what he wants to certain degree. One thing that makes me laugh is that when I say no he keeps doing what he wants and says no no no no no, as if what he is doing is called No! hehehe! I just can’t help laughing at what he does, he keeps doing things that make us all laugh. He also learned to hit, so sometimes he likes smacking my bald head and I can’t help but laugh when he does that.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. so sweet…but don’t teach him bad things…:P

  2. 3amiii marzouq :P

    ur totally head over heels for him!

    I cant blame u!

  3. Show us his picture :P Hehehe we wanna see what turns over your bad days into good ones :P

  4. hes gonna be riding motorcycles at the age of 5 if your his uncle..
    but you’ll keep him safe ;p

    allah y5alee lekom..
    and show us a pic just like jacqui said

  5. LoooooooooL
    that must be a funny sighte
    he must be walking like a penguin all little kids do ^_^

    NO NO NO NO loooooooooooooooooooooooooool that is too funny

  6. 3o2bal ma you have your own kid! you’d make a great father..

    as for Barney, never understood that monster. i hate him but kids LOOOOVE him! :@

  7. MAZE: I should before anyone else will! hehehe

    ananyah: yup I am!

    Jacqui: I wish I could show you his picture, but he isn’t mine to show! I have to respect his daddy’s privacy!

    Amo0ora: looool! I know! I will keep him safe riding! hehehe! He will remain hidden for years to come! looool!

    Laialy: hehehe! The walking penguin, he does have a similar walk/run! hehehe!

    MSB: thanks! I agree with you, I want to beat the crap out of Barney for some reason and I dont know why! hehehe

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