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Room Entertainment


I think that after a long day usual you want to relax at home especially in your own. This is the setup I have done to to watch everything I want on the screen.

I switched my small factor Shuttle PC to the Shuttle SS31T small tower PC because it was over heating from all the anime and other tv series that I keep streaming to it. Now this SS31T is fantastic, and its almost zero noise compared to the other PC and it can handle its own when I’m doing things on it.

I also have a PS2 below to play some games, and I have my Sony Stereo from 1993 that stills works (My hat goes off to Sony for making a good product), but the dial on the front is a bit messed up but its still really good.

I tried organizing some of my cds, books, and dvds to the best of my abilities but it just doesn’t seem completely tidy, Im assuming it because of the wiring. And I’m planning to use the small factor Shuttle PC to install Windows Vista Ultimate on it when it comes out next month to do some testing and tweaking.