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Last Friday Ride


So last friday I went riding with Mark since we had sometime I woke up from his phone call in the morning, it was good since I told him to call me when he gets up so we can go riding. And the phone was right next to my head, so we said we would meet up at Marina at 9:45am in the motorcycle parking to go riding for a bit. After showering up and getting into gear I realized that I was out of gas so I headed straight to the gas station and then I took the sea side from Bida’a all the way to Marina to catch Mark in the parking lot. While we talked for a bit to decide where to go a couple of Indian tourist asked if they could take pictures while on my bike, I was like ok and it was one funny site.

Then we decided to go to Hilton Manguf since it would give him a chance to ride on the highway and get used to it with as little traffic as possible. So we took the gulf road down to the 2nd ring road to fill up gas and then get on Fahaheel highway from the 3rd ring road and then straight to Hilton Manguf. I was looking straight ahead, but I was checking my side view mirrors every 2 seconds to make sure Mark was doing fine, and even though we werent going fast at all there were some assholes on the road were tailgating him but I was surprised that he didn’t notice when I asked him. So a few times I would brake so I would get close to Mark and force the car back. He then asked me why I was doing that and then we realized he didn’t notice some of the cars that were tailgating him. One of the reasons is that the side view mirrors vibrate so much that its a blur and you can’t see behind you, and its not the speed really its the engine revs that get the mirrors vibrating so much.


When we got to Hilton Manguf I was thinking of stopping for a bit maybe getting a bite at pizza express or getting something from Starbucks, and when we parked on the sidewalk close to a car a security guy came running to us and said you can’t park here, then a Kuwaiti security guy came and said you can’t park here. I asked them why there is a car parked right here and it seems ok, then he said no motorcycles are allowed to park here. You can park in the parking lot the one close by or far. I wouldn’t park my bike in a spot which is far from view, so we decided to head back to Marina Mall. So I came to the conclusion that Hilton Manguf is Not Motorcycle Friendly.

So after a short ride to Marina we decided to go to La Pain since I heard from someone that its a good breakfast spot. And when we arrived the motorcycle parking lot is more packed then when it was when we left. It was nice to see this many people were out, and then after sitting down we ordered some hot chocolate to warm us up a bit, and damn it was some good hot chocolate! I really like it! After finishing up breakfast we headed out, and Mark went home while I continued riding for a bit before heading home to meet with the family. That was a nice day!