Review: The Law of Ueki


Plot Summary: Kousuke Ueki, a student of the Hinokuni Junior High School, is picked by a God Candidate, Koba-sen, to participate in a competition where people battle out to become God and only the strongest will prevail. Embodied with the ability to turn garbage into trees, Kousuke will be joining in the battle against other junior high school students in this selection. This sets the premise for the earth-friendly battle where the students will pit their powers against the rest.

I got really caught up with this anime since Ueki is the type of character who seems to have no care in the world, he didn’t want to participate in this whole thing in the first place. Until people he cared about were getting put in danger and he realized he has the power to save them. You get with Ueki and his friends, and how Ueki seems to find a solution in these impossible situations. Its a really good anime, with a great storyline and very enjoyable

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  1. 3edik embarak man
    and sadam is like dead
    and its like new years!
    and it was christams..
    and everything is like squeezed in the end of this year

    oh and i didnt read ur post sorry!
    just felt like saying what i just said.
    yalah have fun ;)

  2. 3eedik mbarak first :)

    I have the first 20 episodes of the series but I’ve only seen the first 4 :S
    It’s really good but I didn’t have time for anime lately

  3. no3ik: looooooool! I know seriously this has been the most news filled 3eed ever! Inshalla your 3eed is fantastic with the family o yin3aad 3alaikum bil salamah inshalla!

    Aurous: Yeah its fantastic! I watch at least one episode of something a night and I’m addicted to it! Can’t get enough! I really enjoyed watching this anime!

  4. The Law of Ueki roxx!!!

    Your blog is amazing. Visit my blog! It’s really messy compared to yours, since I messed up the HTML code bigtime, trying to make it look good. But it’s my second shot at a blog. Hope you come by and take a look! I’m watching The Law of Ueki on the channel Animax, but it only shows twice a week. Aww… The suspense of the next episode is killing me!

  5. NachoBoy: U like Ueki I’m guessing! hehehe.. you can download all the episodes on line just search torrents for it. And its probably better subbed the dubbed!

  6. aljon

    i love law of ueki

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