The Eid Rounds


Today was one hectic day flying from house to house and saying hello to the people coming in and out of all the different homes and it was freezing all day too! The greatest thing is seeing all these kids dressed up and they just want to rip their cloths off! hehehe!

I gave some 3ayady and its just funny seeing these kids that have no clue what these amounts are, and they are just adorable! I loved that the streets were nearly empty and I could go anywhere real quick with relatively little traffic. Then we had 3eed lunch and I continued my rotation of visiting my aunts, uncles, great aunts, grand mother, other relatives, and catching different people coming in and out. It was fantastic, and I don’t think I have drank this much tea, juice, and water as I have today. I don’t like sweets that much since I was looking forward to lunch but I was feeling tired towards the end of the day. Even my uncle said I looked like I was about to pass out and I felt like it. Tomorrow after sunset I’m planning to head out to the shalaih with some of my friends and spend a couple of days there, but we shall see what I’m going to do tomorrow. I will also try riding in the morning if I don’t have to visit anyone else at this point. Inshalla everyone is having an enjoyable Eid.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. its funny especially when they think that more notes = more money hehehe so easy to trick them :p

    My great-grandma lives in our house, so its cool el yam3a etkoon eb baitna since all the fmaily has to come to HER. All I have to do is sit at home and look pretty hehe. Dad’s side is a problem though, I have to go and visit.

    I wish I can ride! I bet if I tell my family I want a bike they’d freak out lol. Oh well. Guess I’ll try to bring it up when I graduate and I can be like “kaifyyy i’m not a kid anymore” ;p (doubt it’ll work but what the hell)

  2. oh and whats with the pic? let me guess, u were bored and took that picture with your phone without anyone noticing that this is what u were doing.

  3. I’m having a blast tonight…..enjoy ur holidays bro!

  4. hope ya had fun..

    this eid was the worst, for starters i didnt even hav a badla to wear so i just wore jeans and a shirt ;p i ended up having a jumper and a jacket on me by the end of the night..

  5. jane

    god i hate eid! i never like visiting in normal days let a lone eid , i hate it so much , i hate visiting thats why i dont do it either in eid or any other day

  6. EniGma: I dont think these kids had a clue! loool! I like going around to visit people then I dont have the obligation to stay like if they came! hehehe! I want to see when you tell your family you want to ride! Now that would be a shocker! hehehe! I liked the pic since I felt comfortable in my shoes! hehehe

    MAZE: Happy your enjoying Eid!

    Laialy: I knew you would notice!

    Amo0ora: I love the dishdasha for a reason, there is no real thought behind it! Just put it on and your good to go!

    jane: Damn! Well I like seeing people, its just nice keeping in touch and checking up on people!

  7. jane

    if its nice keeping in touch why did you delete my comment? i don’t think it was offensive was it?

  8. jane: I didn’t delete your comment! Its still there I’m looking at it! Its number 6!

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