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The Eid Rounds


Today was one hectic day flying from house to house and saying hello to the people coming in and out of all the different homes and it was freezing all day too! The greatest thing is seeing all these kids dressed up and they just want to rip their cloths off! hehehe!

I gave some 3ayady and its just funny seeing these kids that have no clue what these amounts are, and they are just adorable! I loved that the streets were nearly empty and I could go anywhere real quick with relatively little traffic. Then we had 3eed lunch and I continued my rotation of visiting my aunts, uncles, great aunts, grand mother, other relatives, and catching different people coming in and out. It was fantastic, and I don’t think I have drank this much tea, juice, and water as I have today. I don’t like sweets that much since I was looking forward to lunch but I was feeling tired towards the end of the day. Even my uncle said I looked like I was about to pass out and I felt like it. Tomorrow after sunset I’m planning to head out to the shalaih with some of my friends and spend a couple of days there, but we shall see what I’m going to do tomorrow. I will also try riding in the morning if I don’t have to visit anyone else at this point. Inshalla everyone is having an enjoyable Eid.